Founder Spotlight: Vation

May 6, 2024
Spotlight on Siva Chavva: Pioneering the Future of Digital Experiences as Founder & CEO of Vation Digital.

Spotlight on Siva Chavva: Pioneering the Future of Digital Experiences as Founder & CEO of Vation Digital.

The Vation Story

Vation is a digital experience agency that delivers OneExperience, an integrated strategy to create exceptional shared experiences for both customers and employees. This approach accelerates business growth for its clients.

Co-founded by visionary serial entrepreneurs

Siva Chavva and Kiran Lakkapragada, serial entrepreneurs united by a common vision to transform business interactions by crafting experiences that resonate, inspire, and foster lasting loyalty. Vation merges Siva's digital transformation expertise with Kiran's AR/VR and 3D prowess, poised to redefine digital experiences and revolutionize the world. They are supported by a seasoned leadership team.

Siva Chavva, Founder & CEO: Siva's Journey to Vation

Siva Chavva had dreams that soared beyond his small Andhra Pradesh village of Koilkuntla, setting his sights on Bangalore's flourishing tech startup scene, where his entrepreneurial spirit ignited.

After honing his skills in integration technologies, Siva transitioned into leadership roles, championing digital transformations focused on e-commerce, customer experience, and digital enterprise practices. His experience over the years was global in nature: India, Japan, the US, Latam, and the UK, where he played a pivotal role in establishing onshore, nearshore, and offshore captive centers. 

Throughout his various roles, Siva adeptly managed large global teams, driving revenue growth to $1 billion and leading teams of up to 10,000 employees worldwide. Witnessing the swift evolution of digital technologies, he recognized two critical client challenges: fragmented customer and employee experiences, and the disruption of content and commerce by emerging technologies like AR/VR. 

Seizing the opportunity to empower clients with multi-experience technologies to create unified digital experiences, Siva, alongside Kiran, co-founded Vation. The company embodies his vision of leveraging multi-experience (MX) to drive shared digital experiences for both customers and employees.

The Vation Story

Originally founded in July 2021, Vation pioneered a novel approach to digital transformations through collaborative "Experience Pods" – bringing together small, agile teams that co-innovate with clients. Partnering with CX and MX leaders like Adobe and KiXR, the company established Experience Pods in Bengaluru. In the subsequent year, it expanded its partnerships to include Google Cloud, Optimizely, and ServiceNow, and its global footprint, catering to an increasing number of clients in North America and Europe.Vation also began to offer the integrated strategy to drive shared digital experience for customers and employees, as OneExperience.

Vision for the Future

Vation is reshaping various industries such as banking, retail, automotive, and media by reimagining the multi-experience landscape. Through its OneExperience offering, Vation empowers clients to innovate, transform, and grow in today's dynamic digital era.